1. Heinmillerlax's Avatar
    So now the problem for my Tour is something happened with the music player and no songs will play correctly. When the tour 9630 is canceled and the tour 2 comes in will they replace my old tour with the tour 2? Or just leftover 9630s?
    04-20-10 02:50 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    They will replace your phone with the exact same model you purchased-the Tour.

    Deja-vu? Are we in the Matrix?
    04-20-10 02:57 PM
  3. RSS3300's Avatar
    My Tour died on Saturday nite. Guess I didn't get the notice quick enough on the OS upgrade. Looks like a corrupt OS. The thing just keeps rebooting. Goes thru about 25% of the boot up progress bar and then starts all over again. Verizon store said there was nothing they could do but order a new 9630. None available anywhere in town. Waiting for FedEx. It sucks to not have a phone.
    04-20-10 03:02 PM