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    ok, i tried to search through the different posts about this and even did a search, but nothing really answered my concerns. so here we go...

    before i set up my BIS on my computer, my blackberry was receiving mail (gmail) quickly and although i did receive duplicate emails of ones i sent from my computer, i didn't mind it. yesterday, i contacted verizon tech support to set up my BIS and that worked fine. now, i don't get my emails until hours from when they were sent! someone sent me an email at 7:15 pm and i didn't receive it until 11:15 pm!

    did i do something wrong? now, i don't really understand the difference between POP and IMAP. from what i gather POP sends the email quicker, but you can't sync what you deleted from your BB to your computer, right? and with IMAP, you can. did i get that right? i rather have POP because i want to delete certain emails on my phone, but still save them on the computer. please help or direct me to where i can get help.

    again, sorry if this question has been asked a million times. i guess this'll make it a million + 1. thanks
    07-22-08 02:22 PM
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    yay! i called tech support again and they transferred me to RIM. they got it all fixed out. it turns that my gmail settings were off (i dunno what), but he got it all working again. so, end thread
    07-22-08 04:18 PM