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    And I entirely agree with you. If you can get equal or better service for a cheaper cost, I would not hesitate to do so myself. I have had all carriers’ service in the same city; T-Mobile was laughable, AT&T was spotty, if it worked at all and Sprint had great coverage, but they lacked in service and devices. You stated and the links I posted was to point out otherwise. Not they are entirely accurate, mind you, they just point out the contradiction of your statement.
    The majority gripe with carriers now, since nearly everyone has a cell phone, is going to be price and coverage. The population’s wallet will love T-Mobile's and Sprint's plans that give you everything for a low cost. But as people lose their landlines to get cell phones, dependability is a major factor. Now VZW is not perfect, no, they have their issues, but if the majority of the users get to use their phones almost everywhere and anywhere, would that not be enough to pay extra for? Maybe not to all but to most, I would say so. I speak with customers all the time that say "you guys cost so much but I would never leave you because (enter customer story)". They do endure a higher cost but most customers feel that the cost is relevant when they can use their phone when others can't and when they have an issue they are able to get a prompt and courteous resolution.
    I can no longer speak for the coverage or service of other carriers because I use VZW now, so if there was any improvements at all, good for them. But now that the cell phone market is saturated, and most people have had their try with every carrier, VZW does need to be more competitive with prices to lure new customers and keep old ones. But you may need to read the OP's post again because he was not complaining about the price, so much as the difference in data for Smartphone’s and regular phones. The two phones use data in an entirely different way therefore would be priced differently, since they are used differently. His complaint is ridiculous because he feels that he should be able to use a Smartphone with a plan designed for regular devices. VZW knows that people with an enV 3 or Rouge are going to use data different than someone with a Blackberry or Droid phone. The plus side of having the Connect and Premium plans however, is for the other bundled features that come along with the plan. Because the average data use of a regular phone user is about 30-45 MB’s. The average for a Smartphone user is 1-2 GB’s. That is a big difference, so the plan would be cheaper for a “dumbphone”. That’s all that we were trying to point out to him.
    I've enjoyed debating with you; you definitely hit the salient points and haven't resorted to the sort of pettiness that is all too evident when people aren't conversant with the facts, yet seek to make up for it with the vehemence in their expressions.

    Still, it seems evident that the OP's gripe is a complaint-in-disguise about Verizon prices. It seems equally apparent that his sensitivity to the pricing of the dumb-phone plan stems from a dissatisfaction with the amount he has to pay at the end of the month. He goes at length at the beginning of his expressed opinion, to point out the outrageousness of the amount he has to pay, as compared with the dumb phones. Although he is sorely misinformed in seeking to apply Blackberry plan pricing to dumb phone pricing, his attitude seems to be wholly indicative of that of a discontent customer. People like myself, who are quite content with the low amount on the bill at the end of the month, rarely bother to glance sideways in that fashion.

    People amuse me when they express loyalty for one service carrier or the other, almost as though they are college fraternity houses or football teams. I am currently with Sprint, but I would be gone in a dizzying flash the moment their pricing or coverage become unsatisfactory for me. In fact, after checking out T-mobile early last year, I was convinced that they had the cheapest prices, as well as the most promising array of phones. I was all set to leave them for T-Mobile, and acquire the 8900 in the process. But when I called Sprint to cancel my service, they drew my attention to the fact that they have unlimited data plans that are even cheaper than the prices I saw on the T-mobile website. My decision to stay with Sprint was purely an objective decision; my resources are limited, and I am very price conscious. My phone has worked everywhere in the US that I've been to, and carrier agreements, as I said before, means that the differences in network coverage has been abridged to some degree. I don't call customer service every month, but I pay the bill every month. Therefore, that's my primary concern. The average customer can go a full year without needing to consult customer service, so even if I concede Verizon's customer service to be the best - and I am not - it remains subdued in importance as compared with pricing.

    But people rarely resort to these sort of self-searching analysis. They seem to do little research about pricing and coverage before settling on a carrier. I personally know people who switched services for a particular phone, only to realize later that they could not afford the monthly bill. Other people remain with Verizon, or Sprint or At&t or T-mobile because they are in a family plan, because they were influenced by a family member or friend, or my favorite: because they 'have been with them for so long.' The OP's statements -while patently absurd - show a discontentment with pricing. He should look objectively - and perhaps beyond Verizon - to see if he can secure a more affordable plan.
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    He should look objectively - and perhaps beyond Verizon - to see if he can secure a more affordable plan.
    You may be right. If he wants the best options for his money he can look else where. Because VZW is still the most expensive carrier, and I don't know if that will change anytime soon.
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    This thread baffles me. How is VZW being unjust here?

    Blackberries as well as other smart devices are built for data, while the phones you're comparing them to, though they have data capabilities, are not data centric.

    In order to maintain network integrity and expand the network that you're accessing, VZW assigns your use a cost. They own the network; they get to do with it as they please. So you buy a phone that uses more data by design alone? Why would VZW NOT charge you more? Own a larger house and more land than your neighbor? I'm guessing your property taxes are higher, too.

    Don't feel the need to use data much? VZW doesn't mind one bit, but you'll have to give up the flashy device, which it sounds like may not have been the best fit for you when choosing your device.
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