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    Cnet says that"All 4 major US wireless carriers say they offer 4G wireless broadband services,but NONE of theis networks meets the standard requirements-LIES-let me go out there and make a product that says it can do this but can't and sell it to the public-good luck with that!!!SO HOW'S that jail cell workin out for ya"

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    01-19-11 01:14 AM
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    To say the all 4 carriers have 4G services is a lie. Only 2 have real 4G by standard definition.. Only VZW and Sprint have "real" 4G. The recent definition changes do include T- Mobile but realistically that's just real fast 3G.

    Let's sue them for false advertising. If I did that.. I'd be in jail.

    /end translation.

    Sorry, not my words just translating..
    01-19-11 01:31 AM
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    Drunk posting perhaps?
    01-19-11 06:06 AM
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    Down syndrome
    01-19-11 10:10 AM
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    The OP multi-posted this border line ******** tirade in another thread


    real winner.
    01-19-11 12:10 PM
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    Lets close this one up then and just use the other thread
    01-19-11 01:22 PM