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    If the latest software for the 8330 is (Telus), then why does Verizon still only have available? There are some bugs that may be fixed in the later versions that I would like to test out.

    Also, I hear version 4.6 is coming out soon. Will Verizon get this within a reasonable amount of time?
    06-16-09 02:50 PM
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    4.5 is currently Curve 8330 & BlackBerry 8830WE. 4.6 is Bold & Curve 8900, both GSM devices. 4.7 is Storm, a dual mode device.

    Probably no chance of 4.6 for 8330. Ever.

    Don't fall into the version trap. Typically when you see a software version number of say, the 5 is the major version. The 0 represents updates to the release. The 12 indicates bug fixes & major tweak version. The 345 is mostly minor tweaks. In the case of phones, you might be seeing tweaks to optimize performance on a particular network. Getting a Telus or Sprint tweak for a VZW phone, you may actually see a performance hit on your device.

    This explains why each carrier has a different fourth value.

    We have tested all of these "major" carrier-approved releases - each has their plusses & minuses. All cause some form of performance hit when used on another carrier. It may be a hit in an area you don't notice - the Sprint version is optimized for 1900MHz PCS at the expense of the 800MHz band native to VZW.

    You will hear people claim the other releases make their device "snappier" or "faster" or "more responsive.". The truth is that you will see similar improvements with a wipe & reinstall. A recent switch from 131 back to 77 did exactly that for one of ours.

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    06-16-09 04:21 PM
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    Thanks for the reply, very informative.

    However I'm not exactly falling into the version trap just for the sake of having the latest and greatest.

    I'm actually trying to resolve some issues and I've read on other threads where the resolution is a version upgrade.

    1. I run a BES and have content protection enabled on all corporate phones. The devices glitch often and users have to pull the battery for a soft reset. When they do that their BlackBerry Messenger contacts need to be updated. They get the message "You’ve switched to a new device. Do you want to update your contacts about it? Otherwise your contacts list will be erased". So the users will say "YES" and their contacts will return, however in a "pending update" status. However, the update is never sent to the contacts and the contacts stay in that status.

    I read on another another thread (at one of the three main blackberry forums sites, can't remember which one) that this was fixed in version 4.6. I would rather not disable content protection. I like the idea of their email messages being protected on the device.

    2. While I was looking into the above problem I noticed on another forum that a recent release of the device software resolved issue where a blast of sound happens from the speaker phone when answering a call. It is annoying and I would like to apply a fix if it is available.

    My company is buying BB tech support from RIM but it is taking a long time. The consensus I get on point 1 above is that it's a software bug. If that's the case I think it needs to be fixed period. Especially when these phones are glitching and a battery pull is often necessary.

    3. Also, sometimes if the phone is in standby and the Bluetooth is activated in my car, it will never exit standby mode and I must yank the battery.
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