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    So, i HAD to go touch a Z30 because CrackBerry!

    Anyway, they had a Z30 front and center next to the HTC One+ or something.(it looked tiny compared to this phablet)

    I start dawdling with it and a rep comes over, and asks if im a vzw customer or looking to become one.
    Told her our company has VZW, i dont have auth on acct etc but I'd buy outright. She was actually up on BB10 and explained how they rebuilt the OS and its not like the Tour anymore. We chuckled for a bit and she continued to promo BB10
    (i was impressed she kept trying to sell it)
    I asked if she had any in stock, cause I would have purchased, she went in the back and said no, they're dSR'ed or something like that, but a BlackBerry rep left some swag on Friday. She went back to the stockroom and brought out these...
    I was a kid at XMAS for the swag AND there are reps out there still pushing for BlackBerry!!!

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    12-08-13 07:36 PM
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    Definitely a rarity in these days of doom and gloom from so many places!
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    12-08-13 07:58 PM
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    Always nice and encouraging to hear stories like this. I noticed it is usually hit or miss with Verizon, but it seems to me as of late it has been more hit then miss, especially in the stores that I have been paying visits to. Thank you for sharing!
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    12-08-13 11:06 PM
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    Kudos to VZW in Wyoming Valley-img_00000018.jpg

    huh, swag photo never posted...

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