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    Was out test driving the Z30 again today at several stores before I place my order tomorrow, but wanted to say I was highly IMPRESSED with 2 Verizon stores that I paid visit to today. My first visit was to the Verizon in Addison, IL. When I walked in I looked around at all of the possible phone choices, in search of those hard to find and often well hidden BB devices, if any at all.

    I walked over to the middle isle (right in the center of the store) and saw not one, but two working models of Z10's. One in white and one in black, side by side. As soon as I picked each of them up and was checking out all of the features, I was approached by an SA who immediately asked if she could be of any assistance to me, or if I had any questions about the BB's that were on display to ask her and she would gladly help in any way that she could. There were also Q10's in that same area, again, one in each color and all working.

    After playing with the Z10's for awhile, which is something that I really have not had much chance in doing so, I approached the same SA that I had initially been dealing with. I inquired "You would not happen to have a working Z30 in store by chance, as I have not seen one by the other BB's that I had just looked at". She looked at me with a smile and replied with, "I don't know how you could have possibly missed them" "They are right up front as soon as you walk in the door, on the left" My jaw about hit the floor upon hearing that. I went to take a look, and sure enough, one was right up front. I was fully functional and I can tell had a lot of usage on it as their were finger prints all over the screen, not to mention a lot of pics were taken with it, music was loaded on it, tons of text messages, and it looked like it had been put to the test very thoroughly, in all areas. Again, I was asked if I had any questions about the phone she would be more then happy to assist me.

    Kudos to this store as when I had left, I really had a feeling that I belonged and was not asking for the impossible. From this experience alone, this is the store that I will be ordering mine from tomorrow. The store was pretty busy, as I did not have chance to ask if they were going to be getting any of these in stock. I will be kicking myself if I find out that they do stock them, as I would have been able to pick one up on the spot. The other store I visited was the Wood Field Verizon. Same thing pretty much there too. All working models of all of the BB' 10s, and on display where you did not have to ask where they were located.

    Sorry for the rant and long posting, but just wanted to say, it was really nice to see these two stores with fully working models, and SA's that did not laugh at me or make negative comments when I asked about BB devices. If only the rest of the world new what they are missing out on. I even had a very good friend with me who is a die hard apple guy, and he was very impressed by the 10's and said he may seriously consider one as his next phone, as he watched in amazement as I performed tasks on them with ease
    11-24-13 09:29 PM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!

    I went to the VZW store here in central Maryland on 'launch day' not expecting to find anything, but to my surprise they had working demos of the Z30 along with the Z10 and Q10. There was nothing really prominent about the placement, or any huge posters... but I was just pleasantly surprised that they had them out.
    11-24-13 09:47 PM
  3. i_hiker's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your positive experience in a VZW store. We can only hope this is a trend to follow in ALL the VZW outlets. Now...if only VZW would get on the OS release bandwagon and keep up with the rest of the planet.
    11-26-13 08:45 AM

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