09-23-08 05:14 AM
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    Well...first off. If you ever get a new number...all numbers are recycled now, so you may be receiving calls and texts that were meant for the previous owner. You can obviously change your number, reply back letting them know you are the new owner, or you and can use usage controls.

    Secondly, Verizon has actually always had the ability to block numbers. Customer Service couldn't do it, only tech support could. They would block only one number for you tho as a courtesy. This was all before the usage controls obviously. Now that usage controls is here you get two options. 1. Usage Controls 2. Change your number.

    In my opinion, it's not Verizon's fault that you had a breakup that went bad or blah blah blah I've heard every story there is to tell. So you either take the calls and txts, pay 4.99/mo for usage controls, change your number, or go kick some *** and chew some bubblegum.
    09-16-08 05:48 PM
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    Usage Controls is $4.99 a month. If I remember correctly, you have to be on Nationwide plan. You can block a phone from dialing and have a list of 20 Trusted numbers (mom, dad, 911, and 411...) You can do a hard stop on the text messages but not on the voice mins. You will get a text if the controlled user goes close to their allotted mins but it won't keep them from dialing out. If you are on an unlimited text/voice plan, this won't work. Also older devices might now work and you can manage this from the website.

    Still learning this.....not to many have requested this sercie but there is some more rules on it.

    VZW employee
    09-19-08 03:05 PM
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    You can set your BlackBerry to only accept messages from contacts in your address book through your options/security/firewall settings.

    Or you can create exceptions for specific emails, phone numbers or PINs through the same menu if desired.

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    That is great insight. However I just tried it and it basically gives me the option to do restrict SMS, MMS etc...not to only my contacts....please advise, this is great stuff.

    VZW employee
    09-19-08 03:42 PM
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    BlackBerry Home / Options / Security / Firewall

    Block Incoming Messages

    BES Mail

    Except Messages From

    Address Book Contacts
    Specific Address's

    *Hit menu on specific address's to configure .

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    09-19-08 03:54 PM
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    Sorry to be a pain, but I got to the block incoming messages part and it gives me the check boxes for the 4 items, then there's nothing after that. No "accept messages from" anywhere.


    09-19-08 04:03 PM
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    Not a pain at all , I am thrilled you are so willing to help in the forums

    Couple of things maybe I am running 4.5 , you? Also you cannot select either "Except Messages From" until after you have selected one of the types of messages to block/allow ie sms mms pin etc.

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    Hey friend,

    I don't have the 4.5 software so maybe that's it. After, I check off the boxes there isn't any other options. Maybe the default is only for those in your contacts list. I'll go into the store tomorrow and check other users. Then I'll report back.

    09-19-08 08:09 PM
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    Software category here on CB has a program for blocking any call you like.
    09-20-08 06:28 AM
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    Verizon also has an investigations department of sorts. First though, I would respond and tell these people they have the wrong number. If they continue, call Verizon and tell them you are being harassed. If you call enough times and these are Verizon customers, they should see action from Verizon itself or Verizon will block their numbers.
    09-23-08 05:14 AM
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