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    I live in a "city" that has one company owned store. I have a Storm that I got right when they first came out (replaced three times in the first few weeks). I am tired of the locking up and battery issues, so I am ready to buy something else.

    I went in when the Droids were first released - dumb sales girl. Went in again beginning of last week - not so bright manager. Went again today after the release of the Palm Pre - oh please same previous dumb sales girl.

    Maybe I am expecting more from a sales person. But, they are not trying to sell me anything. At least not in the sense of offering information.

    I use the phone for email, web browsing and I use VZ Navigator. They were unable to answer any questions about Google Reader on the Droid, and, the Palm Pre they had in the store wasn't configured for web browsing so I couldn't try that.

    I still have a Palm TX that I use on a daily basis - many of the programs I have on that just don't seem the same on the Storm, so I was interested in the Pre, but the sales person didn't even offer to show me any of the functions. It is like she doesn't have a clue. And, the phone does seem very small.

    I really was hoping to be waited on by someone who was willing to walk me through the phones and their functions, but she just wants me to look the functions up in google and make a decision.

    So, I am stumped again. I can buy a Storm 2, Droid or Pre, or even a Tour 2, but really don't know what to get. (upgrading my husbands phone so I get the upgrade price) I carry the Storm, the Palm, and an Ipod touch.

    Am I just expecting too much from the Verizon store?

    01-25-10 09:10 PM
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    Not in my opinion. They should have a knowledgeable sales staff and if there were some competition in the area I suspect they would. Sorry for your dilemma, and sorry I can't help you make a choice.
    01-25-10 09:37 PM
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    IMO, when I was using the Pre in the training, I just couldn't get into it. I've never used a Palm device before, but coming from a proper functioning Storm and moving to the Droid, I was very let down playing with the Pre. The OS seems like it would be pretty nice, but some easy to come by stuff just seemed harder to find or implement on the Pre. The phone itself felt cheap to me.. very plasticy and light almost like it was a toy. The keyboard itself left a lot to be desired. Coming from a Droid, it didn't seem too much better. The proximity and size of the keys was decent but it just felt cumbersome and difficult to use the keyboard unlike the Curve I used to have. The phone is very small, didn't seem to want to go in landscape mode (never found out if it was supposed to or not, we didn't get the best training) but this and the lack of OSK was bothersome. The screen however is very nice/bright/vibrant. The OS itself is very smooth and fluid, but just seemed a bit difficult to start off on. Synergy is nice as far as streamlining/connecting different areas of the phone, but only had about 15 minutes to use. Of all the choices you listed, Droid would be way up on the list. The other devices just don't stack up. The Pre/Pixi just seemed too "teenie bopper" to get into, even though the OS is way better than that of the BB's. Just my personal experience.

    They should be trained better and even we got pretty crappy training on it. We got an hour run through with 15 mins hands on 2 days before release and some people the day before or day of release. I imagine the store gets them in earlier than release and gets to mess around with a demo but if you get a run of the mill sales person who could care less, they probably won't know much. Unfortunately, like most times, your best resource is probably online for things that you have brought up.

    My order of the devices you listed:
    Tour2 (probably, don't know much about it)

    As nice as WebOS seems, I just can't get past the "cheap" feeling, keyboard layout and ergonomics of the Pre compared to the S2. If they had different hardware, it would move up VERY quickly.
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    01-25-10 10:34 PM
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    First of all, find out what you are going to use the device for.

    Palms are Web-based OS. If you are familiar with that platform, then you will have not problem using them. The new Palm Pre Plus: The processor is fast, the RAM memory is more than adequate at 512 mb, and it has a 3.0 MPxl camera. The Email technology is great, it has WiFi (b/g), has a media player, and it allows you to view Microsoft Powerpoint, PDF, and Excel files right on your device. As far as Flash Memory, the site says 16GB, but that's kind of impossible. They might mean that the MicroSD card that it carries in it has a capacity of 16 GB. This phone might be the perfect tool for the college/high school student.

    Blackberry Tour/Storm2. These are Global ready phones that will work internationally because they catch on to the quad bands of 850 mhz, 900 mhz, 1800 mhz and 1900 mhz (the Storm2 can catch on to 2100 mhz HSPA). The Tour is a QWERTY keyboard type, which means that you have a physical keyboard while the Storm 2 has a virtual keyboard, which means that it's touchscreen and not an 'actual physical' keyboard. They have adequate RAM/Flash memory at 256 (the Storm 2 has 2GB onboard memory, in addition) and the Tour can hold up to a 16GB MicroSD, while the higher OS of the Storm allows it to hold up to a 32 GB MicroSD. Blackberries are known for their secure platform, as well as their Email push technology. They also have their own messaging system with other blackberries called Blackberry Messenger. Don't forget WiFi. This feature allows you to message other blackberry owners for free. A solid calendar and contact application make these devices an invaluable business tool for the discerning professional.

    The Android devices are Google based platform devices, so if you have Google accounts and have contacts and schedules through 'G', then this phone is for you. With Google, everything is easier on an Android. Quite possibly possessing the best browser on the Verizon line of devices, your internet experience will be second to none. Fully customizable, WiFi enabled, Turn by Turn GPS, and THOUSANDS of available applications make this device a great choice for the ambitious entrepreneur.

    Good luck in your quest for your perfect device.
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    01-26-10 04:22 AM
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    I live in a "city" that has one company owned store. I have a Storm that I got right when they first came out (replaced three times in the first few weeks). I am tired of the locking up and battery issues, so I am ready to buy something else.
    You might be "ready" to buy something, but are you eligible to do so?
    01-26-10 06:43 AM
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    If your waiting for someone to hold youe hand and walk you through something then find another store, but I would do my own research and advocate for myself. Besides your going to be using the device not them, and I would want to know almost everything before walking in the store. I am not trying to be nasty I am just very blunt. Sorry
    01-26-10 07:25 AM
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    She said she's doing an alternate upgrade with hubby's line. I agree that there should be some level of knowledge on the sales person's part but in the same side it's impossible to know every single phone inside and out. There are people in my store that are more techy that I go to for specific info on a phone I'm unfamiliar with, then I know for next time. We do get trained but understand that it is a brief run through and not an in depth training on every feature and function.

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    01-26-10 07:29 AM
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    Yes, I can upgrade.

    My biggest beef is that the Pre in the store was not able to get onto the web. If that part of that phone is so good, I would like to see how good it is.

    I have been loyal to Palms for years and while I agree that the phone felt cheap, I would forgive that for the other good things about the phone. Nothing beats hands on, but the "hands on" on the one in the store was non functioning. And, BTW, the droid in the store didn't even turn on, so what gives. Is it too much to ask for a working demo phone?

    It is as if they are so busy - which they are - they really just don't care. Which is fine if you know what you want. I am still stumped.

    Thanks for the reviews of the functions of the phone. I am tempted to buy either the droid or the Palm - use it for a couple of weeks and then fall back on a Storm 2 if I really hate it.
    01-26-10 09:13 AM
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    I didnt know verizon had the pre?
    01-26-10 08:00 PM
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    Verizon released the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus yesterday. Has double the memory and storage as the Sprint Pre, a springier slider, better keyboard and a touch sensitive home button. The browser is webkit based so you won't be disappointed coming from the Storm.

    I went from Storm to Droid a couple weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Played with the Pre Plus yesterday and liked it a lot but I'm not really ready to give up the larger screen, free google nav, and the potential of android. If you use gmail or are willing to make the switch, the droid is a great choice. It has it's quirks but I can't put it down. The pre has a better form factor and WebOS which I think is the cleanest and most enjoyable platform on the market. I'd be sure to check on whether or not palm has improved the battery life. I support 5 Pre's at work and the only complaints are the keyboard (improved on the pre plus) and the battery life.
    01-26-10 08:14 PM
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    Are you sure that the Droids were dead? They appear to be that way when locked and on standby.

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    01-28-10 08:28 AM
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    Good point, but that confirms what I said, I wanted someone to show me the phones, not just let me browse. If they did work, I sure couldn't figure it out!!!
    01-28-10 08:49 AM