1. jinxednuance's Avatar
    On behalf of my friend:

    If I have a Verizon line with unlimited data (Storm, 2 for 1 offer) and I use my phone in Canada, will I be charged for internet consumption?

    If yes, how can I prevent it?

    My family got the Storm from Verizon in the US and they are shipping the phone to Canada (I won't be using it here, I just want to have it with me) and configure/add applications etc... (wifi).

    Any input is appreciated.
    04-23-09 12:26 AM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    You could go to the connections manager (not sure exactly where it is on the Storm) and set Data Services to off.
    04-23-09 01:11 AM
  3. jinxednuance's Avatar
    But if the phone is brand new and turned on for the first time wouldn't it automatically assume the data connection?


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    04-23-09 01:51 AM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    Yeah, but you aren't going to use any data when you first turn it on.
    04-23-09 02:01 AM
  5. jinxednuance's Avatar
    Ok. Thank you.

    Any ideas of any charges/cost of using verizon data in Canada.

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    04-23-09 02:10 AM