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    I am in Afghanistan and have my BB here with me. I have activated the SIM and all and have changed my data plan to the $65/month data/email plan along with the $4.99 Global plan to reduce the per minute voice charge to $2.29/minute vice $2.99/minute. The question I have is that I am in Bagram and will be heading to Herat and other areas. According to the coverage map, I am in the area covered for Verizon/Vodafone. When I disable the data roaming, I dont receive email and such...I dont want to enable the data roaming because of incurring charges. I already have $100 in extra roaming charges that I thought wouldnt be there due to my selecting the data/email package I did. Is there a reason why I am being charged roaming for being in an area that doesnt look like it should be roaming? Do I need to manually connect to another network vice auto selecting the TDMA network? Thanks in advance for the help and cost savings!
    10-13-10 03:19 PM
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    You either have global data on your plan or not, there aren't any areas that will be billed roaming when you have it.

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    10-14-10 01:13 AM