1. jhagan09's Avatar
    are there any charges for international messaging. i have vzw and my friend lives in norway. not sure if it matters i have unlimited texting.
    07-05-10 04:32 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Your unlimited texting covers the US. It does not cover texting to international numbers.

    If your friend has data on their phone, then you could use a data feature such as email, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, etc. Those use data an would be covered under your data plan as long as you are in an area covered by your plan.
    07-05-10 04:43 PM
  3. jhagan09's Avatar
    how much would a message cost?
    07-05-10 08:26 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    International Text Messaging

    While traveling in the U.S.,Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico text messages sent to non-U.S. phone numbers of participating carriers will not be applied against any monthly text messaging allowance and are charged the following:

    * $0.25/address sent
    * $0.20/message received

    Text messages sent to phone numbers in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are charged domestic rates per your plan.
    07-05-10 08:42 PM
  5. jhagan09's Avatar
    thanks for that.
    07-05-10 08:44 PM
  6. mikells43's Avatar
    i have a friend that lives in canada i text her all the time. some months its over 2000 texts lol. and they put it under my normal unlimited plan. att on the other hand didnt and i got billed 25 cents each. but ive texted her for years on my vzw acct and it never got billled international.
    07-05-10 11:09 PM