1. SFXBrandon's Avatar
    I am wondering if Verizon will replace my Storm with a Storm 1 or automatically upgrade my phone. Recently, I have become interested in the Android phones, as the Droid Inc and X have come out. I dont expect to get a free upgrade to one of those phones, but with that said:

    Is there a possibility of Verizon allowing me to choose a non-BB phone as the replacement for my BB Storm 1?

    I am quite unimpressed with BB. I know that I shouldn't expect my insurance to right the mistake of my decision. But BB has seemed to fail in every aspect of the cellular market recently. They put out sub-par phones with a sub-par OS. I would rather try my hand with something else.

    With that said, if Verizon can not get me out of BB, then I will just have to use my NE2 to get the Droid X. But since I am in need of a new computer and laptop for college, I would rather spend the bulk of my money elsewhere.
    07-19-10 09:34 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    They have plenty of free phones you can upgrade to, even smartphones. Under warranty, you cannot select another model, the same with insurance. The only time you would not get the same phone is if it was not in stock, in which case you would receive a comparable model.
    07-20-10 01:41 AM