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    Has anyone ever got a phone that was not the phone they had prior to an insurance claim with Asurion. Just wondering.
    Back before I had a BB I used a LG 8100 and needed to have it replaced through Asurion. They informed me that it had been discontinued and I got the upgrade (LG 8300), and because I was being upgraded they sent me a brand new, in the box replacement.

    I really did hate having to pay that $50 deductible, I hope I can find a suitable insurance replacement.
    04-20-09 12:38 AM
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    You paid $50.00 for a $300.00 phone. What are you complaining about?
    04-20-09 11:38 AM
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    I've seen it happen. If there's a case in which there simply are no more of the phone you're claiming, they'll sometimes give you a different model. Usually, its a "same or better" type scenario.

    On the other hand, I've heard a few stories in which Asurion mixed up the type of phone that a person what supposed to get...and they ended up with another one of their "temporary" or "spare" phones. This is a clerical error on their part more than anything and can be fixed, but such things are still a pain. I generally recommend that if you're making a claim, do the ESN change *afterward*. Or at least change it back before making the claim.
    Yes, when a particular model is not in stock, and a backorder option is not available, a comparable model of like kind and quality will be offered.

    Usually the case with those "mixups" you are speaking about occur when a customer has activated a temporary phone before filing their insurance claim. The coverage applies to the MDN itself, not the particular device, so the device currently showing activated on the line is what will show up in the system. To get the correct model you need to know the make, model, and the last time it was used on the account. If it's been over 60 days since the last time the phone was in use, then you're screwed because the policy states you have to file within 60 days (unless you live in Missouri).
    04-20-09 01:05 PM
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    TwinsDad, thanks for all the below info!! I went to the SF website, and it doesn't allow quotes of anything other than auto and maybe homeowners (it says Motorcycle and some other types are not available for online quotes as of yet....etc) When reading about "Personal Insurance" which is the type I'd need for the phone, at the bottom "Find an Agent" is the only link available. That gives me a server error.

    I spoke with an agent the other day and he says they no longer write those policies. Some of the other insurance companies I spoke with (even those who specifically do these types of policies) are not allowed to write in Florida (or have some restrictions for Florida, as well as 2 other states....Hawaii and something like New Hampshire) Not sure if this is why I was told SF no longer writes these policies or not. Also, it could be why I get a server error when trying to find an agent for Personal Insurance??? Not sure if their server can know I'm in FL or not.

    I'm going to try again later.

    I spoke to a State Farm broker - not an agent. The rates for that coverage are fixed and will not increase due to claims. many of these riders have no provisions and rates are not necessarily jeopardized by claims. Now, with the standalone State Farm policy, he said they will review your policy after three claims in a 12mo period if your credit is good or two if your credit is not good. So if they cancel you, it is because you made too many claims - this is understandable and is in effect with Asurion, as well.

    So, let's look at a quick comparo of the cancellation possibilities.

    If you have two claims within 12 months, Asurion will cancel your coverage, while State Farm may not. With Asurion, if you have a claim, then three months later you use your NE2 for a new phone, then lose that phone after 3 more months, they cancel you. You cannot get new coverage with them until your next new phone. With State Farm, if they cancel your PAI, you may reapply in six months with review or twelve months without review.

    With Asurion, you can only get coverage within 15 days of getting your new phone. There are no such restrictions with State Farm.

    Asurion: $50 deductible for a refurb phone which may not even be the same as your existing phone. State Farm: no deductible and you get a check. You can use this check to get a WinMo phone to replace your BlackBerry if you choose.

    Asurion: refurb replacement that may have scratches, cracks or OS issues. State Farm: brand new phone or, if you choose, one from eBay or Craigslist.

    Assurion: assuming $5-$7 per month, this works out to $60-$84 per year. State Farm is $6.50 per $100 covered per year. With State Farm, to get up to Asurion's rates, you'd need to be insuring a phone costing $920-$1290.

    Do you know of anyone with a $1300 phone? Me neither.

    To be fair, Asurion has to make a profit. But they have to make their profit through the carrier - and no, this isn't an evil VZW thing - and the carrier is getting around half the premium amount to cover their efforts of selling, billing & collecting. All carriers do this and it is no worse than the extended warranty markups at BestBuy or your car dealer.

    Since you deal directly with State Farm through their site, you don't have this markup, nor do you have any commissions. If you go to an agent, you may pay a bit more for standalone coverage and agents are not required to sell this coverage - so get it online.
    I do not have the State Farm coverage. I have an umbrella coverage plan that covers what I own, along with specialty coverage for some of the cars.

    No matter how you look at it, the Asurion plan is a ripoff. But it may be the best of the carrier plans.

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    04-20-09 07:06 PM
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    I'm glad I searched. I will give my agent a call in the morning. $50 deductible + $6 a month is not cutting it. Not including all the years I never filed a claim.

    Asurion suckssss. I had my phone replaced a few mths ago. paid the $50..not to mention the $6 i've paid (forever) each month on my cell bill. I noticed the replacement phone would not recharged. I thought it was the wall charger. NOT!! No go on the car charger. The computer also would not see the phone using the usb cable. Try a different battery, still no go on the charge.

    Called up to explain what the replacement phone(refurb) was doing. Rep was questioning me as if I broken the phone. Said they would be happy to send out a replacement. But I had to pay another $50 deductible to get a replacement for "the replacement". Asked for supervisor and she basically said screw you, pay the $50 bucks are no phone. Now I'm Pi$$$$$$ed.

    Called Verizon, explained what I was told. The rep agreed that it seemed odd and unfair in what they told me. He went on to say "well, Asurion is a 3rd party" and wanted me to call them back and try again. There wasnt much Verizon could do. I told him Verizon should be overly concerned that customers are taken care of by any third party service Verizon offers. I then told him to cancel my Verizon account immediately. He put me on hold and returned with a supervisor who was senting me out a new phone next day shipping. I am still going to file a formal complaint about Asurion.
    08-31-10 06:09 PM
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    Most carriers are with Asurion this is what they do. If you can find a better way then go for it. Also homeowners usually have a deductible...........mine doesn't have separate for mobile devices.
    08-31-10 09:53 PM
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    Most carriers are with Asurion this is what they do. If you can find a better way then go for it. Also homeowners usually have a deductible...........mine doesn't have separate for mobile devices.
    Jude526, I guess this is what happens when you don't have options...Asurion can treat anyone any way they like.
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    Thanks for the edit mods. Fast work.
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    No problemo. You were chatting with another mod about it, while I was deleting the post! Sorry about that!
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