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    I believe you are tied to the line activation not the data activation. That means you can swap in a dumb phone instead of a blackberry and drop the data plan.

    Also, while I don't really have an opinion of this particular issue, I do have an opinion Verizon Wireless should be free to run their business model as they please. You don't like the rates or the plans or the phones or the ETFs, thankfully there are three other alternatives.

    Once the manufacturers get the message they will be manufacturing decent "dumb" phones with "decent" keyboards for texting.
    that free market concept doesnt hold when a company grows and holds on to more that 30% market share of a major industry.

    I'm all for capitolism and free markets, but once you get to a certain size, I believe government regulation is crutial! Just look at the financial crisis and our "too big to fail" companies and see how responsible they have been with our their huge share of wealth.

    So when the FCC inquires about texting rates being to high to justify cost, or outragious ETF, I agree with the inquiries and think that regulation is important for everyones financial health.
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