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    I upgraded my verizon acct so i could use my phone as a modem. It worked for a day or 2. Now my computer wont connect using the phone or to any other wifi networks. When trying to connect to wifi it says cant find server. I tried running the wizard again and reinstalling the verizon software but nothing works. Im wondering if it could have changed my settings but it did work b4. I dont know what else to try so if anyone has any suggestions let me know. My os is vista. Thanks for any help

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    09-28-10 10:53 AM
  2. Feeeeg's Avatar
    As far as connecting to other wireless signals, I know this sounds simple, but please, please, make sure if you have a button on the laptop for your wireless card, that it is turned on, I have seen too many people not know that their machine has this function, and it gets bumped and turned off by accident.

    As far as the vzaccess not working, I would use the software removal tool in the control panel, and completely remove anything that has to do with vz and blackberry drivers, do not remove desktop manager.

    Reinstall vzaccess and make sure you use the right version for your OS and your handset. Try it again.

    And before doing any of this, of course perform a battery pull.
    09-28-10 11:56 AM
  3. Super_Mario's Avatar
    ^^^Exactly. Because the VZAM software should have nothing to do with your WIFI connections unless its turned off.
    You can redownload the current version here. Make sure to select your OS and the correct device. Let us know if this helped.
    09-28-10 12:28 PM