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    I currently have a Pearl on a 2 year contract, and my NE2 date is November 7, 2009. I have confirmed this date on the VZW website, and by speaking with a rep this evening.

    I have a VIP account, also confirmed with the same rep this evening.

    I am trying to do an early/annual upgrade on the VZW website. It should be charging me $269.99 - $70 instant rebate for online order - $50 VIP discount, for a total of $149.99. BUT it's not giving me the $50 discount. The rep I spoke with also confirmed that I would receive that discount.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I wanted to order online so I don't have to deal with the mail-in rebate. But if the site isn't going to do what it should, then I'll either order by phone or purchase in person.

    I also tried calling *611 before posting this thread. But I get a recording that says they are doing maintenance and to try again later.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    07-27-09 11:29 PM
  2. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    When I ordered my pearl, they had the same rebate for online orders, but the system wouldn't let me order online....... 611 however did put a credit on my account when I ordered over the phone explaining that the online store wouldn't let me

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    07-27-09 11:36 PM
  3. cable_girl's Avatar
    Thanks so much for your quick reply.

    I just called *611 again. And this time their maintenance was complete. So I talked to a different rep, and she said that the website won't recognize the VIP discount. The only way I can get that discount is to either order on the phone or to purchase in person.

    I was just trying to get my phone by Wednesday, and to avoid the mail-in rebate process. So I guess I just have to wait a few extra days so I can go to the Verizon store and buy it in person.

    Oh well.....
    07-27-09 11:46 PM