06-03-10 10:32 AM
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  1. TheGack's Avatar
    Please don't bash me, I just wanted to share my experience. A week ago on a whim I decided I wanted the iPhone. So I ported my number over and left with my new iPhone. Well the browser is great, email so so overall I really liked it. Sorry I can't give a better review but I'm not a tech person. All it took was one call to AT&T customer service to ask a question about my bill. Personality and intelligence were not strong points with the 2 reps I spoke with. I actually felt like a no one, as if they couldn't give a $@#& about my concerns.

    So yesterday I called Verizon and they brought me back as if I had never left. I told him about the mistake I had made and what was I thinking after 10 years with Verizon. He said people do it all the time although and many of them come back I know that these people have alot to deal with throughout their day but at least I feel like they care. I have never ever had any problems with them and I was glad to be back with my Storm 9550(drawbacks and all )
    Dumb question, when you signed up for att on your first bill, did they charge you the whole amount or only the week you used it?
    06-03-10 05:09 AM
  2. gmz73's Avatar
    Actually I have not gotten a bill from them yet but I'll update if I do.
    06-03-10 06:12 AM
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    If I wanted an iPhone I would get an iPod Touch or iPad. I am not getting CrapT&T.

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    06-03-10 10:32 AM
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