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    Seems like the higher-ups are making obnoxious decisions...forcing data on dumbphones, capping data with tiered pricing, raising ETFs, I could go on...


    What normally seems like the simplest of tasks they've gotten right. I've had to call a variety of CS departments for a coincidentally strange set of electronics failures over the past month (not just phones). And once again Verizon blows everyone else away, in both the phone market and well...CS in general.

    I think it's:

    1. You're speaking to Americans.
    2. The filtering system they have is simple but effective - phone number, password, tech/billing/software. That's it, three choices, not your life story before talking to a person.
    3. The lowest of reps have the ability to make you happy. I've never had to "go up the ladder" with Verizon.
    4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are they NOT judged on timeliness of calls? I've never felt rushed.

    Tonight took me two calls and they informed me of the wrong procedure initially - however, by following the above it made the situation much easier to deal with and eventually we got things sorted out. And advice for callers? Be patient and nice and you'll be treated the same in return.

    So...if VZW does this so well, why do they fail in so many other ways? Just thought I'd share a positive experience as I'm usually a big VZW hater
    07-23-10 10:08 PM
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    You are right their policies suck their cs does rock prices hit the roof but vzw is the best so it kinda makes up for it For me

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    07-24-10 09:57 AM
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    They do have an average handling time stat to follow.
    07-24-10 06:19 PM