1. rikkshady's Avatar

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    06-29-10 06:23 PM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    I would love it this rumor was true, but I'm not going to get my hopes up, because I have heard the same thing so many times. Good find by the way.
    06-29-10 06:42 PM
  3. otacon#AC's Avatar
    I think it all fits though. The reports that Apple told it's manufacturer to start production of a CDMA iPhone. The fact that LTE will be out by then. If it's an iPhone with LTE... I would take a serious look at it. Jobs might be finally fed up with AT&T. If it is a 4G iPhone and it comes to Verizon in January...I know a lot of "ifs".... AT&T is doomed. You'd think Verizon would push to get it for the Holiday season though.
    06-29-10 07:15 PM
  4. Shao128's Avatar
    Nothing is "official" until Apple or Vwz announce it.

    06-29-10 07:16 PM