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    I upgraded my phone to a 8330 Curve on May 21st. It was acting funny so I traded it in within the 30 day limit and got a Storm instead. I really like it but everyone on here ( or almost everyone ) has to have their Storm replaced numerous times. My Storm has been acting fine so far except for the occasional lagging and "device error" where it will shut itself off.

    My question is, if my Storm does need to be fixed, will I be able to send it in/get a new one? Or will I have to purchase an new phone at full retail? I don't have the insurance

    If I do add the insurance now, what does that cover? If it stops working right they send me a new phone? Or what?

    Watch, now that I post this my Storm is going to act up... Ahhhh!
    07-03-09 02:13 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    1. You Storm is sure to act up at some point.

    2. It will depend what needs to be fixed on whether or not you'll have to pay and how much.

    3. Insurance is the biggest scam on the planet. Additionally, insurance shouldn't be purchased for reasons like "the phone has a reputation for being a P.O.S.".
    07-03-09 02:16 PM
  3. lastraid's Avatar
    If your device is more than 30 days old you cannot add insurance anyway.

    You will see more negative postings about a device than you will see positive. Just human nature to complain. As a tech, I speak to storm owners everyday that like the device and those that do not.
    07-03-09 02:47 PM
  4. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    1. Your Storm may/may not act up. Depends on how well you take care of it software wise.
    2. We can troubleshoot it in multiple ways up and to hard resetting the device ( wipe handheld )
    3. Insurance is a matter of opinion. Some will tell you its worth it, while others think it is a scam. It covers severe physical and water damage and lost/stolen. You are past 30 days and therefore outside the window to get VERIZONS insurance, however, there are other threads, although with heated debates by myself and others over the insurance, has very good resources for other insurance options.

    If you set yourself up for your phone to have issues, then you will. I personally believe its a combination of stigma; murphys law and true issues.
    Personally if I had a storm... my issue would be Murphys law because that is how I roll. LOL :P
    Good luck. Your issues SOUND benign enough that they can be fixed with simple troubleshooting. Maybe maybe not.
    Dont take my word as gospel. If you feel something is truely wrong. Contact Verizon WDS.
    07-03-09 02:53 PM
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    Mine got replaced cause there was dust under the screen....thats it. no other flaw to it. And i didnt even ask to replace it, I simply asked if there was an easy way to clean it myself and the next thing I knew, they were asking for my address to ship my FREE replacement :P
    07-03-09 03:08 PM
  6. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    3. Insurance is the biggest scam on the planet.
    No - Government is the biggest scam on the planet. Phone insurance is the SECOND biggest scam.

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    07-03-09 03:40 PM