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    Thats correct; I now have a Verizon branded 8330 with an Alltel PRL. I have this because a VZW manager thought this would be a fix for a signal strength problem. A tech came to my address (I was not home) and supposedly tested the signal and determined that it must be my Alltel Curve causing the problem. I agreed to the switch under the assumption that I would end up with a VZW PRL and then be on the VZW tower that is 7/10 of a mile from my house. I even asked what the VZW PRL is and he said he would know shortly after he updated it. The only change is that I now have a VZW branded phone with PRL 40052 and still poor signal at the house. This is a signal that randomly jumps from -10 to -104 back and forth, drops calls and garbles conversations on both ends but not necessarily at the same time. Under Alltel, I had acceptable service at home for years.

    I give the VZW rep an A for effort and an F for failure to solve the problem and thinking I would end up with a VZW PRL. This effort was a huge waste of both of our times. The only redeeming result is that I now pay $1.00 less for my insurance. Obviously, I would rather have phone service that works!
    07-24-09 08:48 AM