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    I have had a difficult time lately navigating thr information received from customer service then trying to work with the local store.
    I have been haing trouble with my 8830 and have called tech support 5 times. On Thurs I called and asked if I could move up my NE2 date from 9/2/09 so that I could replace my phone. They said yes and that I had to preorder on line. I couldn't do it on the blackberry so I called back Customer service.
    Each time I spoke to a rep I got different info. The last rep told me to go into the store and check on getting the Tour tomorrow. When I went into the store, they had no record of my date being moved up. they stated that I would have to pay full prince for the phone.
    I called back customer service rather frustrated and told them that if they could not get me correct accurate info I would not renew my contract. I need to upgrade my phone to something that worked. ( I repeatedly get hour glass for ever no matter ** wmany battery pulls I do)
    Well they moved up my date to today since they had record of all my attempts to work with tech support.
    There has to be better, unified communication between customer service and the local stores.
    07-11-09 05:16 PM