1. szejkus's Avatar
    I went to Android after not really successful debut of Q10 but it seems I will not be able to enjoy even superior Android phone with no keyboard... I'm thinking about getting a Q10 and try it... I am new at Verizon and wanted to ask how easy it would be to buy an used Q10 and use it for a couple of days to test... I know it was easy with T-mobile because you could only move the sim card between GSM phones, How does it work with Verizon? I currently use LG G2 which is a LTE device...
    12-15-13 09:47 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Buy a Verizon branded Q, or it's doubtful you'll get it working,
    12-15-13 10:05 PM
  3. Benjamin_NYC's Avatar
    Buy a Verizon branded Q, or it's doubtful you'll get it working,
    True, and now to actually answer the OP's question: Switching isn't as easy as with GSM carriers and swapping SIM's, but you can do it with a quick call (and maybe on MYVZ.com).

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-13 10:44 PM
  4. szejkus's Avatar
    I would definitely buy a Verizon branded Q10, just was curious whats involved in switching phones anyway...
    12-15-13 10:48 PM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    You should be able to smoothly transition using BlackBerry Link and device switch.


    Would he a good idea to cloud source as much as possible, or cross platform apps like contactX.
    12-16-13 12:05 AM
  6. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    That blue font is not working well. OP, try Gazelles store on ebay

    Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
    12-16-13 07:57 AM

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