06-29-10 03:35 PM
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  1. stubbornswiss's Avatar
    I have been with Verizon Wireless for about 12 years. Same phone number... never disconnected.....never late with payment.

    I go over my bill meticulously each month, and have not had any issues whatsoever.

    A few months ago, due to a family emergency, I went over my 1400 minutes plan. The bill came, and it was something like $250 - 300 more than what I usually pay (don't remember the exact figure right now). I got on the phone with customer service, and explained my situation, asking if there was anything that could be done. I was pleasantly surprised when the rep informed me that he would waive the overages for that month. He informed me of the unlimited talk plan, which I promptly upgraded to. I say "upgraded", but if I remember right, it actually lowered my payment, as I had been on my old plan for so long.

    I narrate this incident to show that Verizon will in fact work with you when there is a problem, even if as in this case, it is the customers fault. However, I have learned in life, that ones approach to a situation or a person, determines the response we get. Of course, the attitude of the customer service rep. we get on the other end of the line also plays a big part.

    I would advise that you call VZW back, explain your confusion regarding your bill, and request that it "kindly" be explained to you. Since you have been with them for so long, they have obviously been doing something right, and I would not be in a hurry to switch carriers just too soon.

    Just my 2cents. Good luck!
    06-28-10 10:39 AM
  2. ttfmaep's Avatar
    If half of your 2500 minutes are to/from other cell phones, you should consider the Sprint Everything Data Family plan, which includes 1500 prime time land line minutes. All calls after 7 pm weekdays and on weekends, and to/from other cell phones don't use your minutes. Roaming does use minutes, but you are unlikely to roam in your area.

    Don't worry about the day of the month that you make the switch; Verizon will only charge you for the days that you are with them. And your termination fee goes down every month. Call Verizon Customer Service to verify how much that will be. And as others have said, the 411 calls are expensive. Sprint charges $1.79 each.
    06-28-10 12:46 PM
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    you got to be kidding me... where is the duct tape..my head is about to explode!

    There, is that better?
    06-28-10 12:47 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Any person that uses a BlackBerry with a data plan has NO reason to call 411, ever.
    06-28-10 02:28 PM
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    There, is that better?
    Shes cute.
    06-28-10 10:31 PM
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    [COLOR="Red"]Please help anyone if you can... I hate Verizon I really do.
    You hate Verizon because you have no understanding of your bill, you don't send defective phones back when they are replaced, and you don't know the difference between paying full retail for a phone and one year agreement price.
    06-29-10 07:21 AM
  7. MrObvious's Avatar
    I agree, you should try and be polite with CSRs. If you are happy, in a calm tone just say you are displeased. They are getting paid to make you a little happier if you aren't trying to break the rules. If you said you are getting late charges you don't owe then the CSR should be able to remove them. But even for me as an Alltel convert on an Alltel plan I haven't had a single billing issue. Their billing system seems pretty bug free compared to other carrier horror stories.

    Please and thank you go a long way. You can say you are upset without losing your cool. Verizon hasn't been bad (ask Tour owners getting Bolds) to a lot of us and yes they are more expensive but about the only problem I have had in the last six months is slightly slow data on my Tour which seems better today (I think fixed) but calls and sms still work fine.

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    06-29-10 01:11 PM
  8. lindad8284's Avatar
    I really can't understand why Verizon CSRs get such a bad rap. Everytime I have called with a question they've gone over and aboard to give good service. Here is an example: About a year ago I saw an increased data charge on my bill so I called to question it. Turns out that my son went over his texting limit (not by much and I didn't think to look for that since he was never a big texter). She advised me to increase his allowance and then backdated the date of the increase so I would not be overcharged again. (We now have a family unlimited allowance). I was very grateful for that and told her so.

    Being nice and polite and using please and thank you DO go a long way. No one wants to give bad service and I sure wouldn't want their job; I don't think I could handle the nasty calls they must get everyday.
    06-29-10 02:21 PM
  9. gotblackberry's Avatar
    It's true. If you are nice to the CSR you will get so much more done for you. If you get the csr on your side they will make things happen.

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    06-29-10 02:34 PM
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    OK yes I did the 411.. I do take blame for this.
    The "Voice" section of your bill Includes charges for voice calls, including calls that exceed your Plan's minute allowances, 411 Search, Long Distance and other calls. $47.76


    How in the world can you use $50 a month in 411 fees but not know about 411 apps?!
    06-29-10 03:01 PM
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    How in the world can you use $50 a month in 411 fees but not know about 411 apps?!

    The "Voice" section of your bill Includes charges for voice calls, including calls that exceed your Plan's minute allowances, 411 Search, Long Distance and other calls. $47.76

    This isn't just 411, this includes if you went over your plans minutes. Given that she used 2549 minutes this month, I gather that there are definitely overages in there.
    06-29-10 03:23 PM
  12. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Unless she's on a grandfathered 3000 min or higher plan. If she went over by 400 minutes (2100), it would be more than $47

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    06-29-10 03:35 PM
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