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    So I am new with the blackberry and I can't figure out how to add a contact so I can use the blackberry messenger? anyone know?? Its prob something easy.. :-/
    09-12-08 12:05 PM
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    BB Messenger is peer to peer or pin to pin. Every BB has a pin number, if you have friends with BB's then you need to add their pin number to their contact info in your address book then you open BB Messenger and add contact.

    Your contact will receive a add request, once they accept it you're ready to chat.

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    09-12-08 12:14 PM
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    welcome and give this a read through, it helped me out a lot. BlackBerry 101 | CrackBerry.com
    09-12-08 12:16 PM
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    1) Find someone else with a Berry
    2) Get their PIN #
    3) Add them (then they have to accept)
    4) Chat away

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    09-12-08 12:17 PM
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    Sorry to double post but I forgot to mention that if you don't know how to find your pin number, go to Options then Status and your pin number is there.

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    09-12-08 12:18 PM
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    Remember, the search function is your friend...Lecture 8: How To Use BlackBerry Messenger | CrackBerry.com

    You may also want to go here for future reference...

    EDIT: Sorry for the extra posts guys
    09-12-08 12:18 PM
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    In BBM, hit add contact. If they're not in your address book go up to use once. Hovering on use once, hit the menu button and select request by PIN. Then just type in the PIN and send request.

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    09-12-08 12:58 PM