1. IceMan1118's Avatar
    How do I completely reset an 8330 Curve so I have a brand new phone with nothing on it? I received a new Curve because I dropped my old one and it started to not work so great so I used my insurance to get another one. But before I give the old one back to Verizon I want it to be completely clear. How do I reset it?
    08-26-08 08:11 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Option 1
    1. Go to Options
    2. Select Security Options
    3. Select Content Protection
    4. Hit menu key and select Wipe Handheld

    Option 2
    1. Set a password under Options >> Security >> Password and save it
    2. Enter that password incorrectly 10 times....
    3. After you enter it wrong 10 times it will wipe out all the data.
    08-26-08 08:23 AM