1. Fureio's Avatar
    I searched and couldnt find an answer

    I use myname@vzw.blackberry.net to submit resumes and resumes to employers but it becomes a pita at times when I am writing custom cover letters. Its far easier to use my computer to format the cover letter on my pc.

    how can i access this bb.net email on my pc?
    09-02-09 01:17 PM
  2. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    There is no way to set this up through outlook. And no website to check the email. It only comes to your blackberry.
    09-02-09 01:23 PM
  3. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    It is a RIM server limitation - no matter which carrier, same limitation.

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    09-02-09 01:52 PM
  4. Afangrywarrior's Avatar
    Open a Gmail account, problem solved.
    09-02-09 02:35 PM