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    According to Digitimes, Apple's contract manufacturers plan to ship a CDMA version of the iPhone in the fourth quarter. This information confirms a report last month from TheStreet that Apple had told its iPhone manufacturing partners to start full-scale production of a CDMA iPhone to be available as a Verizon iPhone, as early as November. Verizon uses the CDMA, or "code division multiple access," technology.

    I hate to say it but with the Droid X coming to Verizon soon and the iPhone whenever it happens I don't know how much longer I'm staying with RIM. The iPhone supports OWA which is how I get my company's email pushed to my BB. We didn't used to support the iPhone but when the CEO got one...we suddenly started. I saw the in hand demo for the Droid X and it just looks sick.

    I love my BB it does email and messaging flawlessly but BB OS just seems old. Even OS6 just looks like another rehash. I guess I'll take a wait and see attitude for now.
    06-17-10 06:21 PM
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    So if you don't want a BB anymore sell it and get something else. Swype is a very good keyboard if you go to Android or the iPhone keyboard although touch is actually really good.
    06-17-10 07:24 PM
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    Some don't have the option of getting rid of their BlackBerry since they may be issued by work.

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    06-17-10 08:46 PM