1. jocko63's Avatar
    I am abroad on business with my BB Tour and I am having many issues. I am only using the internet/data package because I have a Vonage phone paid for my the company.

    I get terrible BBM service, everytime I send a message I get an hour glass, sometimes have to send the message 10-15 times. Facebook and other apps aren't working as well. Google Maps can't pull my GPS location etc. I called the 'international bb helpdesk' and they had my account setup for Voice and not data. Well that worked for about an hour after the change and that was it. They told me to change my Network technology under mobile network to GSM/UMTS from Global

    The first time i was in the UK i didn't make any changes to the phone except *228 opt 2 before leaving (update service providers). This time I was told to do *228 + 1 for reprogramming. I got to the UK and the service has been spotty. My browser icon comes and goes when trying to change from GSM/UMTS to Global. I have tried to re-register the host routing table as well. Not sure if that is working. The data comes and goes...

    When I run a diagnostic test from Network Technology I get No for Blackberry Registrations and Abort for Connected to BB as well as Abort for Blackberry PIN-PIN...

    Can someone please advise...
    05-25-10 04:25 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    Did you try a battery reset? and what is the netwrok name you are attached to?
    05-26-10 08:46 AM