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    I've spent an unbelievable amount of time on the phone with different verizon stores & customer service trying to make sense of their two different data plans for blackberries. I'm eligible for an upgrade in a week and am considering getting a curve, but only if I can get my e-mail under the $30/mo. plan and not the $45/mo. plan.

    they maintain that the difference is personal vs. corporate e-mail, but i really find that hard to distinguish between. so what one sales rep. finally told me was that it was really about how you pull your mail from the server, ie pop/imap/exchange, which made a lot more sense. my school e-mail address (*.edu) is on a microsoft exchange server, and they do have a blackberry enterprise server. i understand that to sync my e-mail, calendar, & contacts that way would fall under the $45/mo. plan. But, our mail server also supports POP & IMAP, so my question is this: i have the imap settings for the school e-mail address; using those, can I set up the blackberry to get my school e-mail, using IMAP, and still fall under the $30/mo. plan?

    also, if i do set it up using IMAP, will that support two-way syncing? that is, will my blackberry inbox & mail folders exactly match what i see in outlook & what i see on the web access? i know that's the nature of IMAP like if I wanted to use Microsoft outlook to get my gmail, but i wanted to make sure it was the same for a blackberry device (i'm new to the smartphone world).
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    Go for the BIS (the cheaper one) because it will suit your needs in your case!! The BES is far more expensive and it has more features and functionality, but you pay a price for it. If you choose to go the route of BES and use that at your school... the more power to you. But you may wanna save the extra chunk of change for those weekend beer runs

    *EDIT* : And BES would be better for your synchronization of all your inboxes, but IMAP will work. Depending on your server, etc... IMAP can have a slight delay while the changes propogate.

    *EDIT2* : And Welcome to CrackBerry!!
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    I totally agree with BMCClure...IMAP will suite your needs and most Exchange servers have the same time lag for EMail delivery as the IMAP will.

    I used to pay for the $45 BES plan although I only used POP GMail...Verizon doesn't really offer the $30 BIS plan openly, it's more of a retention option.

    My fair warning here is this: If you change your calling plan (possibly other features on your account) be sure to make it clear that you want to STAY ON THE $30 BIS PLAN. Verizon's Billing System is somewhat "automated and will change orders after the Reps input them" according to the Rep I spoke with back in June 08'. I switched my family plan from 2100 minutes to 1400 minutes and it "Auto-switched" my BIS plan to the $45 BES plan (According to the Rep who fixed it...who knows if the original Rep made a sale or if the system did in fact "Auto-switch" my BIS plan to BES).

    Anyway, just a fair warning...but as a student myself, go with the BIS and save some money for books, beer, or plane tickets home!

    Welcome to CrackBerry, as a new member I think I'm more addicted to this website than my Blackberry at this point!! It's an indispensable resource for your Blackberry questions which you won't find answers to on the web.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to post my PIN with my Avatar but if you ever want to ask me some Blackberry questions my PIN is 301859B2.
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!!
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