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    Hey everyone, i'm rather new to modding and flashing phones, and i was wondering if it is possible to flash this blackberry 8130 over to verizon from sprint. it's not currently activated with the sprint network and i desperately need it on my verizon contract. So, after googling it and checking various other sites that i use for this i've come to no conclusion whatsoever. Some people are telling me yes but don't know how, some are telling me no. To be totally honest i do have a little bit of skill with getting around passwords and such but when it comes to flashing i have no idea what i'm doing. if anyone can actually give me instructions on how to do this i'm pretty sure i can pull it off, as i currently have bitpim installed (if needed), fully updated drivers, and a usb cord. In another forum someone gave me a bit of advise that i could use a bit of help figuring out as i'm not too well rounded on the terms used to do this.
    Just change the MSL to 000000, activate in on Verizon and then update the PRL.
    I'm guessing MSL would be manufacturers software lock or something close to it, which i'm not too sure how to change on sprint, as for PRL i have no idea, but in any case any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    edit: Honestly anything that i could do to keep this from being a three hundred dollar paperweight would be appreciated as well.
    06-29-10 08:37 PM