1. thearchitect's Avatar
    I am seeking some help with a situation I am having with Verizon involving a returned warranty phone which they have lost. In march I had a problem with my 9530 S1 and wound up needing 2 warranty phones to be sent to me. When I returned the phones to Verizon I placed both phones in the same box, because that make logical sense, and now I am being forced to pay for one of them because they don't have it in their system.

    I am looking for help on this to see if anyone has has similar issues or knows what to do. Currently if I don't pay for the phone they are terminating service and when I leave they are going to impose over $400 worth of early termination fees on me as well, due to multiple lines. I have the pin and MEID of the phone that they can't track down and am going to attempt to call blackberry tomorrow and see if they can track it down, otherwise I am at a loss. Any GOOD help here would be appreciated. So far the best offer I have received from verizon is 500 anytime minutes for my frustrations, which is not going to resolve this situation,.

    05-16-10 03:37 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    Any rep should be able to file a ticket to see if the warehouse has the phone. Or even a MEID search in the system to see if anyone is using it. I never recommend that you send two phones in one box because of this exact same issue. Even if it makes sense to do it. Prepare to spend some time getting this resolved, because they will investigate the **** out of it before they will credit a full retail phone charge.
    05-16-10 04:36 PM
  3. babyface35762's Avatar
    NEVER send back more than one phone per box. Sad to say, VZW will only credit for one. Hate it for your situ though.
    05-16-10 10:06 PM