1. mbpartsboy's Avatar
    Isn't there a website you can go to to get your mail off your blackberry? I can not remember what it is. and Verizon rep did not know. He told me to go to the site where you set them up but you can not check them. I read that this ability is gone, does anyone know if that is true?
    12-30-08 03:07 PM
  2. Skiffy's Avatar
    The BlackBerry e-mail site is blackberry.com/go/vzw

    It does not allow you to read your mail from this site. Only add, edit, or remove e-mail addresses from the device. This site accomplishes the exact same thing as the e-mail setup icon on your device but requires a username and password to be set up.


    Only wireless sync allows you to read your e-mails online and it is available for Windows and Palm devices for 44.95 a month instead of 29.99.
    12-30-08 05:25 PM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    That is correct. You cannot check your @blackberry.net mail online.

    You can, however, forward your @blackberry.net mail to another email address and check THAT online.

    To forward your @blackberry.net mail, log into your carriers BIS site, click edit next to your @blackberry.net mail, then fill in the address you want to forward it to in the box labeled forward to.

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    12-30-08 05:29 PM