1. agalihaxo's Avatar
    I just switched to verizon. Everytime I text to a verizon customer you get the "D" when delivered. Well, my one friend doesn't receive ANY txts from me, and I don't receive texts from her. We HAVE received like one text from eachother. The number IS right, since we have received a text, and we texted while standing next to eachother and checking numbers.

    It's only this ONE person, I'm not sure why it won't let us text eachother? Any ideas???
    06-14-10 09:11 PM
  2. Gawain's Avatar
    Are you guys both on Blackberrys? Have you tried the ubiquitous battery pull? I'd call tech support from a landline if that doesn't work. Usually they can track real activity on the network, etc.
    06-14-10 11:59 PM