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    I found a bunch of threads with discussion about why peoples inbox were showing up with a Y on it, and mine wasn't

    we for what I found out is that Verizon.net email is hosted by Yahoo mail servers. blah. anyways. There could be some good news, but still trying to find out what other options we have. * Possible mark as read on device will show up on the pc mailbox as well.... not sure yet...

    anyways.. Why don't I see this? well when i switched over form Verizon from Comcast. I found out that Verizon email service took forever to get email to my device, so I setup a gmail account to recieve my email then my reply address to be my verizon account, hiding my gmail account and faster email.

    So since i have gmail as a mail server for me, I never saw the Y ever one is talking about....

    well there it is. I just setup my verizon account and there it is.

    Verizon Yahoo! for Broadband

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    *remove verizon account back off......

    Now if you want to get rid of it, that is all I can suggest. since verizon is hosted by Yahoo. who knows why......... but guess you have to deal with it or like others have suggested hide the icon and just us messages folder and just choose your reply address.....

    Just a heads up to all....

    * also hope most people will see this, because the posts were coming up in the Curve, Storm, and pearl sections, I am not going to post this is each section, just hope people can find this answer....
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