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    I ripped mine off like many others and there has been posts regarding it VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY. I found an email from Laura Merritt, Verizons PR Manager stating it does not void the warranty. here ya go.

    Droid X pull tab
    Mia Aquino
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    View all I received many comments on my review of the Motorola Droid X regarding the accidental removal of the pull tab. The purpose of the pull tab is to make it easy for the user to remove the battery from the Droid X.

    Some Droid X owners removed the pull tab sticker, thinking they were supposed to because of the word "pull." Without the pull tab, it's almost impossible to remove the battery from the Droid X. Users were also concerned that removing the pull tab sticker would be considered damaging the phone and void the warranty.

    Verizon Wireless has responded to the removal of the Motorola Droid X pull tab and whether or not the removal voids the warranty.

    Laura Merritt, PR manager for Verizon Wireless, emailed me this statement regarding the Droid X pull tab this afternoon:

    "If the customer removes the tab, the warranty is not affected. If they can't get their battery out, I suggest that they take it to one of our stores for assistance. They don't want to damage the phone or battery trying to remove it."

    If you removed the pull tab sticker, do not try to get the battery out with a knife, tweezers, or any other device. You will damage your battery in doing so. Take it to a Verizon Wireless store for assistance. By removing the pull tab, you did not void your warranty- so no worries. If you have yet to purchase the Droid X, make sure you do not remove the pull tab sticker.
    08-10-10 11:31 AM
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    No, the statement is true. It was released in an email at work too. (I pulled mine off too lol...but I also was able to carefully put mine back in, so it still serves its purpose)
    08-10-10 11:48 AM