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    My father is 81 and his phone quit.....I think it got wet. I didn't get insurance on it and he isn't due an upgrade. I am thinking of buying him a used phone on ebay or somewhere online. What is a decent plain phone to get? He talked a total of 28 minutes last month so it isn't used much at all. I really got it for him for emergencies.
    thanks for any help
    11-07-09 02:57 PM
  2. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    I would go with an LG VX8300 it was my first cell phone and now my daughter has it. My daughter is 9yrs old and rather saavy but it works well for making calls and doing some texting.. ( not required ) it also has a camera.
    I liked/still love this little phone. Be careful on Ebay and craigslist though as a lot of scammers sell phones there and then they are stolen or hotlisted. Get the ESN verified by verizon prior to purchase.
    Good luck!
    11-07-09 03:00 PM
  3. gregs_8's Avatar
    Get him a jitterbug lol.

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    11-07-09 03:01 PM
  4. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    Oh yeah, you can program speed dials on the phone and the keyboard is easy to see.
    Jitterbug!? sheesh!
    11-07-09 03:03 PM
  5. gregs_8's Avatar
    Lol I had to throw that out there. I just saw a commercial last night and was really thinking they one sold a total of 10 phones...I bet lol

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    11-07-09 03:04 PM
  6. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    It is a groovy little phone and a great choice. All carriers should carry senior friendly phones...

    OP... here's a link to the support page for the XV8300
    LG XV8300 support page

    Its not in the lineup anymore so I had to go here for screenshots and specs for you.
    11-07-09 03:05 PM
  7. r.wats75's Avatar
    I'd get him a Samsung Knack. It's great for the elderly. Nice big buttons, big screen with a big font. And it's got dedicated ICE and 911 buttons.
    11-07-09 03:10 PM
  8. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    Thats a good one too... cant deny that.
    11-07-09 07:59 PM
  9. zeni's Avatar
    Thanks so much! I have decided not to buy on ebay for your stated reasons. I found an online retailer that sells used/refurbed phones, that they guarantee.
    11-07-09 08:31 PM
  10. MCAP's Avatar
    Get an Envy, they have big buttons that are easy to read, that's what I got my mom
    11-07-09 08:34 PM
  11. pkcable's Avatar
    You might appeal to Verizon also, and tell them truthfully what happened and ask what can be done. Sometimes in these cases they will offer you the 1 year contract price.
    11-07-09 08:50 PM
  12. Butthead007's Avatar
    8300 rules. You can not kill those. If your daughter gets tired of hers, sell it to me. I have 6 kids so cheap and reliable phones are a good thing
    11-07-09 08:50 PM
  13. bluerskyes's Avatar
    Get him a prepaid @ .25 cents a minute.

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    11-07-09 10:17 PM
  14. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    Get him a prepaid @ .25 cents a minute.

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    He's already ON a contract. He just has a water damaged phone. No need to go prepaid there until out of contract and the option is open.

    @ Butthead...
    I'll keep that in mind... in fact the one she currently has is only a couple mo old refurb after she lost hers outside in the neighborhood. It works great and I agree there IS no killing this phone... cept if it gets dropped in the dogs water dish... been there done that.
    She will probobly be able to upgrade about Jan of 2011 so I will keep that in mind. That is if my sister doesnt go berry and give me back the EnV2 then I'll keep it for incentive for my daughter that if she does what she's supposed to do ( chores, grades ect ) she can have the EnV2 back and then the 8300 is up for grabs.
    AND you can guarentee that I wouldnt hotlist it on you
    11-08-09 08:18 AM
  15. bluerskyes's Avatar
    28 minutes on a prepaid is 7.00 per month. Do the math.
    11-08-09 08:33 AM
  16. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    ETF do the math
    11-08-09 09:50 AM
  17. bluerskyes's Avatar
    Still cheaper after a few months.

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    11-08-09 12:56 PM
  18. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    okay; well not our decision so I'm not going to go rounds...
    11-08-09 02:32 PM