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    I actually had a good customer service experience.

    Short version: The rep was really helpful. </thread>

    Background: I live in Hutchinson, KS and was a faithful Alltel customer for about four years (since around 05 I think). I was highly annoyed when I found out Verizon bought out Alltel because the plans are more. I am still on my Alltel plan at least but I had a HTC Touch Diamond activated (no contract) on my line that was under the National Freedom 900 plan with $19.99 unlimited texting/web called Connect 3. Well I changed ESNs just once, and they wouldn't let it put me back. Can you say GRR!? Since January I got the Tour and have been fairly happy sans not having a touchscreen.

    Long story: I called in and in an area east of Haven (about halfway between Hutch and Wichita) there was an area of dropped calls that never used to give me problems when it was Alltel or on my HTC phones AFAIK. The coverage was good (2-4 bars) so I don't know what was up so I called tech support. The first time as the rep was checking my records, the call dropped. I laughed because it was hilarious that the "Nation's best network" dropped, while on the phone with them. I called back, and here was a very helpful rep who know what she was doing.

    She was very helpful and said that she was going through my records, and saw a previous trouble ticket. I explained that was for another area and this is a good service area that I am getting dropped calls. She said she would get a trouble ticket going. Since the system requires an address to submit it, she even looked up the address herself on Google Maps (I was driving on the highway) since I explained it was between Haven and Mt. Hope. She put it in, then she mentioned her phone was a Droid. So I asked what she thought of it and I think her only irritation wasn't battery life, browsing, or anything, but rather the screen gets dirty. I was asking for my better half for getting her a new phone (she has T-Mobile and is gonna come on my line) like her G1.

    After getting a positive review of the Droid, I then brought up about my Diamond and how I felt like it was asinine that I couldn't put the Connect 3 pack up. She tried and even went in the system and did something with features which no one had ever done before, but it wouldn't work. But she did explain that the $39.99 Office Sync package was an old Alltel code and wasn't required since it was added before Verizon made mandatory data plans. So I could either use a texting pack and not use data or pay the $39.

    I was satisified a bit, but mentioned how us former Alltel users feel we got shafted by the deal. She said yes, the plans are more, but, her being from FL or me in KS, we deal with hurricanes and tornadoes. She said that when they hit the signal will still be there and when Katrina hit, Verizon still had service. Plus she brought up where Verizon shipped to Haiti towers, which I thought was cool. She was very helpful and didn't try to rush me but made sure all my gripes were at least explained or handled as best as she could and explained the company spends billions on the network. Cool!
    05-26-10 11:06 AM
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    I am glad you had a rep that pleased you. I used to sell for an indirect and it was always a pleasure being able to help a customer and even those who had issues get them resolved. I am glad you know about Verizon spending billions on their network. They actually do this quarterly always making sure everything is working and improving. You are with the best, hands down
    05-26-10 03:00 PM
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    They really should put AT&T customer service reps through the training that vzw employees go through. Poor customer service was the reason I only lasted one week with AT&T. My experience with VZW has always been excellent even when I call to ask questions they probably here day in and day out. They are number one for a reason.
    05-26-10 09:10 PM