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    I just bought a phone off of Craigslist. A BlackBerry Curve 9330. I called Verizon to make sure that the ESN was clear and it was. However, the phone is still on the seller's account.

    So, I went ahead and made a My Verizon account under the phone number of the phone I just purchased to see what's up.

    The account has a $700 bill and there are 4 other BlackBerry's on it, just like mine. So obviously, this is fraud and I have been duped for not activating it on the spot. This is where things get weird though...

    I went back on CL and emailed the person who sold me the phone (I couldn't call because the number they were texting me on was the one I bought >.< (save it, I already feel like an )), and told them I knew their scheme and just want them to help me out by taking the ESN off of the account so I can use it.

    After a few rude replies back, they actually agreed. I figured though, the only way to do it is to give them another ESN. So, I did some research and found out that I can give them a dummy ESN that will work seeing that I don't have an extra Verizon phone laying around. OR this is where the CrackBerry community may be able to help...

    Might anyone know of a working dummy ESN that I can give these scammers, or maybe you have an old BlackBerry or Verizon phone laying around? Does anyone want to help me get back at these scam artists and come out on top?

    Please reply or PM me. I thank you guys SO much in advance for ANY help!
    01-28-12 10:38 PM
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    01-29-12 03:14 PM