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    Hi everyone! Ill be going to korea soon fir vaction and i was wondering how i can use my bold 9930 over there. Do i need to goto verizon to get it unlocked? Also once i go over tthere does the phone work automatically? And how do i billed?

    Sorry i know its a lot of question but thank you in advance ^^

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    12-15-11 04:19 AM
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    You should be able to just call customer service and let them know you'll be traveling. South Korea is mostly CDMA, so whether or not your BB needs to be "unlocked" I don't know.

    As for billing, you'll want to review the international roaming rates. Voice is expensive. Data is less expensive, but VZW's new rates still suck. Fortunately, BB's aren't data hogs, so you'll probably be okay. Expect to pay about $70 for 100MB of international data (VZW employees here will correct me).

    You do have the option of unlocking your Bold and using a SIM from KT (2nd biggest carrier in ROK), which will likely cost you less, but you wouldn't have access to your US number. SK and LG U+ are CDMA and so you would have to go with VZW's roaming plan. The plus side there, you would have your US number and pretty much seamless access to your email, etc.
    12-16-11 09:50 AM
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    You can get it unlocked or you can get a plan from Verizon.

    Getting your Blackberry unlocked will make your Blackberry Bold 9930 a SIM free Blackberry mobile phone which can be used with carriers all over the world.

    You can use a GSM sim card with your unlocked Blackberry phone so while on a vacation a prepaid gsm sim card will work fine with your verizon bold 9930 and can also save you some money for local calls and everything.. but, if you use a sim card from a gsm carrier on unlocked blackberry phone then your mobile phone number there will be used as the local number of the prepaid sim.

    With a prepaid local sim card you can use a prepaid calling card and it should save you much more money instead of using the overseas plan.
    12-16-11 04:01 PM