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    I've searched around a bit and I haven't found the answer to this, so here goes: is there a way to set up your e-mail & internet on a BlackBerry Curve 8330 while you're roaming somewhere outside of Verizon's service area?

    I'm a VZW customer from Montana, but I'm spending the summer in Alaska working and visiting family. My wife and I had new BlackBerry phones -- our first -- shipped to us up here. We got them activated alright, but since we are roaming on ACS (local provider; Verizon doesn't have service up here) we couldn't use the *228 feature. I called the 800 number and a Verizon tech walked me through how to program our phones manually. So we can now make calls, send SMS, normal phone stuff fine.

    The problem is that I haven't figured out how to set up web and e-mail. Apparently if I could use the *228 feature it would go through setting all that up, I guess, but I cannot do that. It directs my call to the local provider's activation service. So my question is whether or not there is a way to get the web and email going while I'm in AK. I'll be up here for a month and a half so it'll kinda suck to have to wait until I get back to MT to really get this baby working.

    07-02-09 12:52 AM
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    Call customer care and ask to speak to someone in data support. Explain your situation and ask if it's possible for the to push the service books through on their end. Unlike other smart phones, Blackberries don't come with all of their software pre-installed. Rather, the carrier pushes the browser and other software to the device once it's activated. As you said, this usually happens automatically. I know data support can normally send it through when there's a problem, but I'm not sure if that holds true when in the extended network. It's worth a try, though.
    07-02-09 07:25 AM
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    The BlackBerry has to be registered from within a VZW service area. More details can be found here:


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    07-02-09 08:43 AM