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    With Baseball season around the corner, I found and installed the mobile MLB app which shows game scores, news, etc. There's an option to listen to Gameday streaming audio that uses Verizon Get It Now which isn't on my BlackBerry.

    Does BlackBerry have Get It Now? Do I need to install a different MLB app to get gameday audio on the BB?

    Any help is most appreciated.

    Here are the instructions for the Get It Now that I can't seem to find:

    Download on your Verizon phone today. From your Get It Now menu: Select Get Going, then Sports Select MLB Gameday Audio and follow the instructions. Select MLB Gameday for the non-audio version. (Gameday Only)

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    03-07-09 09:36 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    Any advanced with VZW does not use GET IT NOW. Sorry. Now there maybe something in the VZAPP zone that might help. mobile.vzw.com
    03-07-09 09:42 AM