08-13-08 01:08 PM
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  1. ex-repoman's Avatar
    It looks like verizons version of the bold not likely til 2009. I recently got the curve but only got a one year contract. That makes me eligible for upgrade after 10 months.
    That's probably enough time for the the rthunfer to get released and then fixed from the bugs its liable to have being their first touch screen.
    I love my BB but look what happened to the iPhone early adopters. Pricing dropped dramatically after 3 months and they iffered something to them only after a lot of complaining.
    I like my curve so far.

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    all verizon accounts are available to upgrade (not NE2) every 10-12 months depending on your pricing.

    i think if ur bill is over 100 a month its every year u can upgrade for new contract pricing.
    08-12-08 10:17 PM
  2. axel2078's Avatar
    i am in the same delimma...

    My main question is will the bold or thunder have WiFi.(I'm too cheap to pay the $30 a month for a data plan to have a little more convience)
    It doesn't really matter. I'm sure Verizon will lock it down and make you pay for it separately.
    08-13-08 01:08 PM
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