08-18-10 08:59 AM
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  1. pkcable's Avatar
    I probably would not expect Verizon to release 6.0 for at LEAST a month, but more likely 2 to 3 months. My guess is Nov, but they ARE testing it now. It could leak out any day now, and Sprint, US Cellular, or another smaller carrier (are there any others) could release it sooner. My guesstimate is we will see another carrier release it in late Sept/ early Oct, and IF we are lucky we will get a leak in late Aug, or early Sept. But I really don't see Verizon releasing it till November.
    08-18-10 08:29 AM
  2. johntkong's Avatar
    ok...I was in my local verizon store just looking around...my contract expires in Nov. 2010 so I was looking at possible phones and notice that there's wan't many BB out there to choose from...basically, new curve, tour and the bold. But nothing with OS6. After talking to a sales Rep, he basically was telling me that VZW was going to start carrying less BB's??????

    I was just wanting to see if anyone else had heard anything, they were pushing the droid really hard...which makes me wonder the furture of RIM??

    Any thoughts????

    Sorry bub, Big Red has embraced the Android platform.

    Check out the leaked roadmap for 2010/2011:

    Exclusive: Verizon Wireless 2010/2011 roadmap! Boy Genius Report
    08-18-10 08:59 AM
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