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    I have been with verizon for like 6 years now. I've always found a large percentage (say 95%?) of the staff in stores to be ignorant of a lot of their products. This is a little long, but worth the read I think.

    Case in point.

    Ive had the storm since it came out and today was the first day ive been in a vwz store that has the sign in LCDs. I felt a bit like a noob as i got in line then realized no one was really "in line" so i signed in and sat for 20 minutes and waited for my turn. I say this as I'm pretty tech savvy and this new little sign in threw me off a little.

    So its my turn and I told them I wanted to add a line / start a mobile broadband account for $60. I had seen the Mifi before and knew I wanted to go with it. The lady helping me said she would love to sell it to me but also had to sell the USB760 modem as well since that was the actual modem component. THEN i was supposed to hook the Mifi into the laptop. After that the two would interact and the Mifi was simply a wireless hub. This totally took me off guard. I asked her multiple questions with her assuring me over and over that BOTH were completely totally necessary and I had to have both. I would have protested more if it hadnt been for my "standing in line" incident. She absolutely positively sure.

    Well, she had me soo confused within 5 minutes. I was doubting myself so i jumped on the internet with my phone and from reading a few articles i was positive she was wrong. I knew she didn't understand the technology so I asked her a more verizon based question. why I would have to pay for TWO seperate 2yr contracts in order to purchase the USB internet and the Mifi "add on". Wouldnt the Mifi just be a flat rate? Why a service agreement if it didn't indeed provide service?

    Anyway she was still pretty convinced I needed both. I knew she was starting to doubt herself some when she went and spoke with a couple other reps. They were less sure than she and didnt know what it did but said they thought she was right. 3 vs 1. As we were going through the whole contract routine I spoke up again and told her that I was convinced there was NO way I had to buy the USB modem to use the Mifi. Signing up for two 2yr agreements was ridiculous. So she and her colleagues decided i was on to something. For the next ten minutes she and the reps finally discovered together that yes... Mifi has its own service and the USB modem was not needed!

    Haha, so what happens next? They ALL Told me that the training for it was really boring / they didn't pay attention / they "asked their neighbor" for the answer (im assuming you have a test at the end of the training and they all cheated?). Made a big joke of it. haha it was pretty funny actually. They thanked me for teaching them something new (all i thought was.. how about a discount or store credit?). Honestly, it was a very enjoyable experience and they were all very nice and helpful... just totally ignorant and I left half pleased / half smirking. Glad it was me and not someone who reaally didnt have a clue. Two contracts woulda sucked! haha

    Btw.. Mifi is AMAZING. so glad i got it. im going to be on a bus on the road w a group for the next month and a half.. being able to hook up to 5 laptops to this card is sweet!
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    What is MiFi?
    06-08-09 04:10 AM
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    What is MiFi?

    It's a portable "mobile hot spot". You can have up to five different devices (laptop or anything else wireless) at once.
    06-08-09 07:08 AM
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    The same type of thing happened to my Dad. I gave him my Samsung i760 when I got my Storm because he wanted a device that would allow him to get his emails and such while on the road but wasn't to happy about the price tag. I was getting a Storm anyways so I upgraded and gave him the Samsung. Well I was out to see my folks this weekend and being the IT geek of the family he asked me to look at the phone because he set it to vibrate instead of actually ring. He said he took the device to the store and the "tech" there could not figure it out. My Dad said that the guy asked my Dad if he could come later when the "younger staff" was there! LOL. He then called me and told me that and asked me to set it up when I saw him.

    I'm happy that if I ever need to go to the store or call with a technical issue I have gotten people that actually know what I'm talking about! I wonder how the good techs fill about all this...lol
    06-08-09 08:23 AM
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    Doesn't surprise me. Its just a job for most employees of wireless carriers and they have no personal interest in the technology or products.

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    06-08-09 08:32 AM
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    I wouldn't agree with that. At my store we get very excited over new products and technologies. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge.
    I guess your right. I should have used the word some instead of most.

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    06-08-09 09:09 AM
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    I wouldn't agree with that. At my store we get very excited over new products and technologies. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge.
    Same at our store.
    06-08-09 09:44 AM
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    In the end it just depends on the people
    06-08-09 10:50 AM
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    Wow, great story...
    Its a shame that they openly admitted that they didnt pay attention in training. that was very unprofessional, but at least you convinced them that they were WRONG..
    Now not to defend but Ive learned all I could about this Mifi through the calls Ive had on it.
    First call: had it plugged into one computer but couldnt find wifi for the others.
    solution: when device is plugged into a usb it disables wifi.. learned from the user manual
    Second call: Couldnt get connected via wifi bc of wep key.. whats a wep key??? (customer)
    solution: default wep key is the ESN number on bottom of device. (get started guide) if it does not work; reset like any other router. (collegue)
    Essentially it is NO different from any other usb modem. mostly like the usb760 because the VZaccess Manager is stored on the device instead of a disk ( NICE )
    Its been pretty seamless everytime I get a call for it. JUST like a router you install and activate with the usb connection; but then after that you dont even have to use vzaccess manager.
    Its a sweet little piece of hardware...
    Im very glad that you were able to set everyone in that store straight.
    I myself have good luck in my vzw stores, they are pretty smart.
    06-08-09 11:34 AM
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    OMG, that is horrible. tsguy52 was right in saying that most of the reps are interested in just having a job to bring in $. You would think most employees would have some interest in the basic technology offered by their own employer. Its basically a router people, just like the one hooked to your modem at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-08-09 12:07 PM
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    Its not just wireless carrier employees. Nearly every profession has this problem.

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    06-08-09 01:14 PM
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    I read an article how someone attached a MiFi to the Touch and used Skype to make phone calls. Pretty funny and creative all at the same time.
    06-08-09 04:10 PM
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    Unfortunately I know a couple reps who are like the ones you spoke to. They're a little fewer and far between here, but I hate it when a coworker comes to me and asks me stupid questions that they just went to training for.

    I'm glad you like your MiFi. I want to get one so I can carry it around and use my laptop off the wifi network and keep my iPod touch on me and wifi off it too. :3
    06-08-09 05:16 PM
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    I read an article how someone attached a MiFi to the Touch and used Skype to make phone calls. Pretty funny and creative all at the same time.

    Haha, i ACTUALLY had that idea! Right when I was buying it i was like.. hmmm, whats gonna stop me from getting an ipod touch and using skype. $60 a month for ALL my needs.. can do all my email and im sure could figure out how to do some sort of texting (of course AIM etc all works)
    06-09-09 01:58 AM
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    As a former Verizon retail sales rep and new Blackberry owner, I can certainly empathize with the folks that are frustrated with service on advanced devices at the store level. I've had a question or two that I ended up just coming here to get answered or eventually figured it out on my own.

    To be fair to the reps, Verizon has such a high sales quota that it becomes difficult to help customers who want to purchase advanced devices. A rep can't spend two hours on a customer explaining the ins and outs of a device and then have them just buy it on-line, over the phone, or from a 3rd party retailer just because it's cheaper and they can wave the activation fee. When I was in the trenches, Verizon would not let it's own retail stores match 3rd party, on-line, or customer service pricing, but guess where folks came when they had a problem? The "training" on these devices was a joke.

    I feel your pain, but the poor reps aren't really to blame. They get a very basic training on these devices, nothing like what is needed to really understand them, and a good percentage of people use the store as a demo area to "see" the phone, then buy it elsewhere. I bought my own BB at Best Buy Mobile, because they gave me an instant rebate instead of a mail-in. [I didn't use the Verizon store/reps as free demos, either]
    06-14-09 06:28 PM