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    The First Time Verizon Got It Right-img_20140111_234927.png

    Wow, this is the first time Verizon has ever got it right. I got this email the other day actually asking if I'd like to upgrade my Z10 to a Z30. Normally all that I get from them is if I want to upgrade to an iPhone. I guess my emails to them requesting they never do this again did not fall on deaf ears. I want to upgrade just for the sole reason that they got it right this time.

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    01-12-14 01:59 AM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Hahaha nice... Wish I'd get an email like that from AT&T. I finally drop Big Red and NOW they get something I want. Go figure. Not surprised though
    01-12-14 02:16 AM
  3. wheresmy600's Avatar
    How do you get to upgrade without having your phone for two years? Did you purchase z10 with no contract?
    01-17-14 09:25 AM
  4. rickkel's Avatar
    My mom's flip phone is on our family plan. Back when the Z10 was released I used her upgrade for my Z10. Now my line is up for an upgrade. Thanks Mom.

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    01-17-14 09:57 AM
  5. wheresmy600's Avatar
    Oh. I'm jealous. Extremely.
    01-17-14 01:58 PM
  6. o4liberty's Avatar
    It's good to see a carrier push BlackBerry devices and not take them off the shelf as they usually do.

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 11:35 AM
  7. Mmickel Abraham's Avatar
    If you have the Money Family Plans are the best Plans to have it worked for me.

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 12:27 PM

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