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    Hello everybody, I hope nobody minds me posting here, as this question isn't 'Verizon Wireless' specific, but is carrier related, and as there isn't a forum for Carrier/Network generic topics, I picked which seemed to be the busiest.

    I'm looking at buying a Blackberry in a few months (Onyx/9020), and being technically minded, inquisitive not not yet having owned a BB I have a few questions....

    I believe there are APN's, different ones for different services, for example, a Blackberry APN for BBM, Push Email... etc? Another one for generally unrestricted internet access, a WAP APN for restricted WAP modified content. (So far am I correct?) Now I've heard talk of Blackberry service plans at so much $ per month, so I'm wondering, do you have to pay a Blackberry service charge for BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) in addition to your mobile tariff and data packages, or is 'Blackberry service charge' what some people/networks refer to as their data package if the handset happens to be a Blackberry?

    I've also read that Carriers have agreements in place with RIM not to charge handsets for accessing Blackberry APN's - is this correct? Or do networks class accessing a Blackberry APN as data, and charge accordingly if not on an unlimited data package?

    This then brings me onto roaming... if the above is true, and networks do not charge handsets for accessing the Blackberry APN, if I were to travel say from the UK to the US with a Blackberry, should I expect to be charged heavily for using the Blackberry only services - such as BBM & Push email. Or as suggested before, whether your access BIS via Blackberry's APN, or browsing using an internet APN it's all classes as data and would be charged accordingly, obviously depending on if you had any kind of roaming data package?

    My next question is about BIS & Wifi - lets say I have no carrier signal at all.... I'm in a total black spot, but do have internet access via Wifi, does the Blackberry detect this and use accordingly - and do all services still work, including Push email and BBM which I assume were previously working via the BB APN?

    Please correct me if anything I've put or assumed above is incorrect, and I look forward to your responses - hopefully this thread will also be of use to others.
    07-31-09 03:59 PM