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    I use an 8330 and really like it. But I've been caught in Apple's Reality Distortion Field (When they make people believe that Apple has invented something that every other smart phone already has). Is email really delivered the same way on both the iPhone and blackberry. Apple store employees say yes. Other sources say no. Can anyone clear this up for me.
    06-14-09 11:45 PM
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    Apple and RIM handle Email in two totally different ways.

    When you use a blackberry, your data/emails are routed through RIM's servers, creating "push" email, meaning, there is nothing your phone needs to do other than be connected to the blackberry servers (noted by capital letters like 1XEV or EDGE) to get the email. RIM "pushes" the emails to your phone.

    Apple, however (with the exception of exchange servers and moblie me, which do push) use a "pull" method. You set the iPhone to check for email every set number of minutes. This method reduces battery life, as the iPhone has to poll the servers for data every 5, 10, or however many minutes.

    Hope this helps!!

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    06-15-09 12:03 AM