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    Not sure where I'm even supposed to post this, so sorry if it's OT.

    As of yesterday my Pearl ceased to receive emails. I didn't really notice until I did receive an email from RIM saying that they were "unable to access this email account" (really? If so, how in the world did they manage to get an email through to me?) and that email would be delayed. Also, that it was probably a temporary issue with the server and that blackberry would continue to try to push the email through.

    This morning I called my internet server. They checked things out, but since the email on my computer was working fine, said I should try calling Verizon.

    So I did (I am an Alltel transfer) and asked them to help. The tech had me delete and re-send service books along with a battery pull (though I'd already tried the battery pull a couple of times on my own, along with turning connections off and back on). Didn't help.

    Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to do a complete phone update with newest DM and newest DS. Took two hours to get all that done. Still no email. Pulled battery. Still no email.

    Called VZW back. Lady told me that since what the former tech had done was all they could do, I would have to look at getting my phone replaced by insurance. Now, I'm only a few months out from an upgrade--February, I think. I am not wanting another phone just yet...so I decided to try a few more things before the last resort.

    Tried simply deleting the email account and re-adding it.


    Now, why didn't the VZW techs try this? Was it really an issue with my server, or was it VZW, or my phone?

    Any thoughts appreciated. I left VZW for Alltel in the first place because VZW was unacceptably bad both in customer service and in cell-tower service here. I'm watching them like a hawk: if they do not give me the service Alltel did, I'm sooooo outta here.

    07-22-09 03:29 PM
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    That is an issue not caused by the carrier - and you solution is not part of the RIM troubleshooting. Why isn't it? Because the minute a carrier tells you to delete the email, they take responsibility to help you re-add it. It isn't their product.

    The official fix is to resend service books. Problem here is that you will only get an overwrite and not a replacement. Overwrites don't do as much as a delete/replace. Also, your problem is usually caused by a foulup between RIM servers and your email provider - usually the email provider changed something. Resending service books resends the old books - doesn't do a whole lot of good unless the service books were corrupted on your phone. By your delete & re-add, you got a whole new set which fixed your problem.

    In one of my cars, I had a very fancy stereo system installed. If the install caused a problem in the electrical system which kept the stereo from turning on, I might call the car dealer for troubleshooting advice - but since it isn't their product and they didn't install it, I cannot expect them to give me a 100% solution. For that, I need to go back to the stereo source. I cannot blame the car dealer or manufacturer, just like you cannot blame VZW.

    There are many thousands of email systems you can connect your BlackBerry to. You cannot expect a carrier to be privy to all. Because of this, you also need to understand why the carriers will not go far outside the box to help you with these issues. What they might break, they then have to fix.

    I guarantee you that if you got more info from any carrier than you got from VZW, it was because a rep stepped outside of the box to assist you at their peril.

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    07-22-09 04:04 PM